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This committee of 300 is modeled after the British East India Company's Council of 300, founded by the British aristocracy in 1727. Most of its immense wealth arose out of the opium trade with China. This group is responsible for the phony drug wars here in the U.S. These phony drug wars were to get us to give away our constitutional rights. Asset forfeiture is a prime example, where huge assets can be seized without trail and no proof of guilt needed. Also the Committee of 300 long ago decreed that there shall be a smaller-much smaller-and better world, that is, their idea of what constitutes a better world.

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The myriads of useless eaters consuming scarce natural resources were to be culled. Industrial progress supports population growth. Therefore the command to multiply and subdue the earth found in Genesis had to be subverted. This called for an attack upon Christianity; the slow but sure disintegration of industrial nation states; the destruction of hundreds of millions of people, referred to by the Committee of 300 as "surplus population, " and the removal of any leader who dared to stand in the way of the Committee's global planning to reach the foregoing objectives. Not that the U.S. government didn't know, but as it was part of the conspiracy, it he

lped to keep the lid on information rather than let the truth be known. Queen, Elizab

eth II, is the head of the Committee of 300.

The Committee of 300 looks to social convulsions on a global scale, follow

ed by depressions, as a softening-up technique for bigger things to come, as its principal method of creating masses of people all over the world who will become its "welfare" recipients of the future. The committee appears to base much of its important decisions affecting mankind on the philosophy of Polish aristocrat, Felix Dzerzinski, who regarded mankind as being slightly above the level of cattle. As a close friend of British intelligence agent Sydney Reilly (Reilly was actually Dzerzinski's controller during the Bolshevik Revolution's formative years), he often confi

ded in Reilly during his drinking bouts. Dzerzinski was, of course, the beast who ran the Red Terror apparatus. He once told Reilly, while the two were on a drinking binge, that "Man is of no importance. Look at what happens when you starve him. He begins to eat his dead companions to stay alive. Man is only interested in his own survival. That is all that co

unts. All the Spinoza stuff is a lot of rubbish." (Dr. John Coleman)

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Bilderberg Conferences reference page: Secret lobbying for Anti-Democratic European Superstate by Western Elite




The Christian Coalition and the Republican Party

None of Pat Robertson's views would matter a damn to me if he didn't have the po

wer to execute them. However,the Christian Coalition keeps gaining more and more power through the Republican party. Check out the following blurb from TIME magazin

e, Feb. 24 1997:


Members of Team 100, an elite group of Republicans who have given more than $100,000 to the party, received an extraordinary letter this week from

John Moran, finance chairman of Bob Dole's presidential campaign and former finance chairman of the Republican National Committee. As first reported in the Washington Post, Moran charges that the R.N.C. has been hijacked by the Christian Coalition "and others who are adamantly opposed to a moderate agenda"; that these forces (led by Coalition executive director

Ralph Reed) engineered the election as R.N.C. chairman of Jim Nicholson, who "will now be beholden to the far right for their support"; and that as a result, the members of Team 100 ought to be "giving consideration to throwing our financial support to a committee or organization that has a more moderate Republican political philosophy." Saying the Coalition is at a point where it is "exercising significant control" over the R.N.C., Mor


suggests that the G.O.P.'s future "is in jeopardy."--TIME magazine notebook, FEBRUARY 24, 1997 VOL. 149 NO. 8



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The Club of Rome is a global think tank and centre of innovation and initiative.As a non-profit, non govermental organisation (NGO), it brings together scientists, economists, businessmen, international high

civil servants, heads of state and former heads of state from all five continents who are convinced that the future of humankind is not determined once and for all and that each human being can contribute to the improvement of our societies.

Club of Rome

(Committee of 300 subversive body)

This group was organized in 1968 by the Morgenthau Group for the purpose of accelerating the plans to have the New World Order in place by the year 2000. The Club of Rome developed a plan to divide the world into ten regions or kingdoms.

In 1976, the United States Association of the Club of Rome (USACOR) was formed for the purpose of shutting down the U.S. economy gradually. The Technetronic Era Henry Kissinger was then, and still is, an important agent in the service of the Royal Institute for International Affairs, a member of the Club of Rome and the Council on Foreign Relations.

Kissinger's role in destabilizing the United States by means of three wars, the Middle East, Korea and Vietnam, is well known, as is his role in the Gulf War, in which the U.S. Army acted as mercenaries for the Committee of 300 in bringing Kuwait back under its control and at the same time making an example out of Iraq so that other small nations would not be tempted to work out their own destiny. The Club of Rome, acting on Committee of 300 orders to eliminate General ul Haq, had no compunction in sacrificing the lives of a number of U.S. servicemen on board the flight, including a U.S. Army Defense Intelligence Agency group headed by Brigadier General Herber Wassom. General ul Haq had been warned by the Turkish Secret Service not to travel by plane, as he was targeted for a mid-air bombing. With this in mind, ul Haq took the United States team with him as "an insurance policy," as he commented to his inner circle advisors.

Club of Rome and its financiers under the title of the German Marshall Fund were two highly-organized conspiratorial bodies operating under cover of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) and that the majority of Club of Rome executives were drawn from NATO. The Club of Rome formulated all of what NATO claimed as its policies and, through the activities of Committee of 300 member Lord Carrington, was able to split NATO into two factions, a political (left wing) power group and its former military alliance. The Club of Rome is still one of the most important foreign policy arms of the Committee of 300, and the other being the Bilderbergers. It was put together in 1968 from hard-core members of the original Morgenthau group on the basis of a telephone call made by the late Aurellio Peccei for a new and urgent drive to speed up the plans of the One World Government now called the New World Order. Peccei's call was answered by the most subversive "future planners" drawn from the United States, France, Sweden, Britain, Switzerland and Japan that could be mustered.

During the period 1968-1972, The Club of Rome became a cohesive entity of new-science scientists, Globalist, future planners and inter- nationalists of every stripe. As one delegate put it, "We became Joseph's Coat of Many Colors." Peccei's book "Human Quality" formed the basis of the doctrine adopted by NATO's political wing. Peccei headed the Atlantic Institute's Economic Council for three decades while he was the Chief Executive Officer for Giovanni Agnellis' Fiat Motor Company. Agnelli, a member of an ancient Italian Black Nobility family of the same name, is one of the most important members of the Committee of 300. He played a leading role in development projects in the Soviet Union.


Bohemian Grove

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What is the Bohemian Grove? The Bohemian Grove is a 2700 acre redwood forest, located in Monte Rio, CA. It contains accommodation for 2000 people to "camp"

in luxury. It is owned by the Bohemian Club.

What is the Bohemian Club? The Bohemian Club is a private. all mal

e club, which is headquartered in the Bohemian building in San Francisco. It was fo

rmed in 1872 by men who sought shelter from the frontier culture (or lack of culture).

Who are the present members? The Club has evolved into an association of rich and powerful men, mostly of this country (there are similar organizations in other countries). Some artists are allowed to join (often at reduced rates), b

ecause of their social status and entertainment value. The membership list has included every Republican U.S. president (as well as some Demo

crats) since 1923, many cabinet officials, and director; & CEO's of large corporations, including major

financial institutions.

What industries are represented among the members? M

ajor military contractors, oil companies, banks (including the Federal Reserve), utilities (including nuclear power), and national media (broadcast and print) have hig

h-ranking officials as club members or guests. Many members are, or hav

e been, on the board of directors of several of these corporations. You should note that most of the above industries depend heavily on a relationship with government for their profitabilit


The members stay in different camps at the Grove, which have varying s

tatus levels. Members & frequent guests of the most prestigious camp (Mandalay) include: Henry Kissinger, George Shultz, S. D. Bechtel, Jr., Thomas Watson Jr. (IBM), Phillip Hawley (B of A), William Casey (CIA). and Ralph Bailey (Dupont). George Bush resides in a less prestigious camp (Hillbillies) with A. W. Clausen (World Bank), Walter Cronkite, and William F. Buckley.

What activities take place at the grove? The grove is the site of a two w

eek retreat every July (as well as other smaller get-togethers throughout the year). At th

ese retreats, the members commune with nature in a truly original way. They drink heavily from morning through the night, bask in their freedom to urinate on the redwoods, and perform pagan rituals (including the "Cremation of Care", in which the members wearing red-hooded robes, cremate a coffin effigy of

"Dull Care" at the base

of a 40 foot owl altar). Some (20%) engage in homosexual activity (but few of them

support gay rights or AIDS research). They watch (and participate in) plays and comedy shows in which women are portrayed by male actors. Although wo

men are not allowed in the Grove, members often leave at night to enjoy the company

of the many prostitutes who come from around the world for this event. Is any of this hard to believe? Employees of the Grove have said that no verbal description can accurately portray the bizarre behavior of the Grove's inhabitants.



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"Illuminati, Greek illumination, name given to those who submitted to Christian baptism. Those who were baptized were called "illuminati" or "illuminated ones" by the Ante-Nicene clergy, on the assumption that those who were instructed for baptism in the Apostolic faith had an enlightened understanding.

The Alumbrados, a mystical 16th-century Spanish sect, were among the societies that subsequently adopted the name illuminati. Later, the title of illuminati was used by a secret society founded by Adam Weishaupt that aimed to combat religious thinking and encourage rationalism."
---Microsoft Encarta2000


By Fritz Springmeier

This article is written for general readers who have a general interest in the Illuminati. Unless I’ve written on this topic and forgotten what I wrote, I believe this is the first time an article has been written on this topic. The Illuminati’s secrecy has been so powerful, that I believe this is the first time it has been pierced with this information. I believe this information may assist us in understanding when major secret policy changes may occur. But I ask, what good is this information without the fear of God? I encourage my readers to not just concern themselves with the present or the future, but also for that time when they have to face their Creator. If you haven’t attended to your soul, it would be well worth your time to get right with God, rather than reading this article.

In my investigations into the Illuminati, I was provided information from several ex-Illuminati members about an important ritual called The Feast of the Beast. I’ve made references to this ritual occasionally and this attracted some attention by some of my readers. I’ve been asked to write about this ritual over the years, and always found more pressing things to do. My various sources gave their testimony independent of each other and this led me to conclude that the ceremony did indeed exist. A lot of pressure has come down on me, and I felt that I should go ahead and write this article rather than presume that I shall have the chance later.

In simple terms, the Feast of the Beast is a yearlong event that occurs every 28 years and is attended by Illuminati leadership from around the world. It is a very high level ceremony, and would not be recognized at the anarchy ritual level of the Illuminati.

Ritual is very important to Satan, and to the Illuminati. There are a number of reasons to this. One, it provides an excuse to carry out horrible things without having to feel any guilt. A person can explain away things as “It was time for that.” or “That’s the way things are done.” Or, “we must protect these traditions”.

Permit me to quote some recognized occult books that are accessible to the public. These books will help document some of meaning of the Feast of the Beast. Of course, experienced witches will find these quotes elementary, but I write this article for Christians or the curious who may likely not know these things.

Lewis Spense’s An Encyclopedia of Occultism (originally published in 1920, and republished in 1960) says on p. 263 in its article on Magical Numbers, “In magical rites, numbers played a great part.” We may well ask why?

The council for witch covens in the Portland area recommends the book The Witches Way as a method for the new witch to learn witchcraft from the Book of Shadows. Because the book is sold publicly, it leaves out secret rituals from the Book of Shadows. On p. 151 in the chapter “Myth, ritual and symbolism” the reader is told that symbols appeal to the unconscious and that numbers are used as symbols. In other words, numbers are a way to plant ideas into the subconscious.

The Feast of the Beast is associated with the number 28 (as well as its reverse 82, and as well as the combination 7 times 4). One of the best books on providing the occult world’s meanings of numbers is Aleister Crowley’s books Gematria and Tables of Correspondences. On page 58 of Crowley’s Table of Correspondences under the Orders of Qliphoth, we’re informed that 28 is the number of the Beast, that is Bahimiron which is Bestial. Crowley also teaches that the number 28 is associated with the unicorn, the peacock, the peacock & the rainbow, artificial glass (& chalcedony which suggests clouds), astrology in general, a number of perfumes such as Rhubarb and Stammonia, and a 3 headed beast (heads of a bull, man & ram) riding a dragon. In his book Gematria, about the numerology of mystic numbers, we are told that in the static universe 28 means power (Netzach, also spelled netsach), and in the world the magician makes it means “My victory, my power.”

(By the way, Netsach is used in the Word of God at 1 CHR 29:11 “Thine, O Lord [YHWH], is the greatness, and the power, and the glory, and the victory [netsach], and the majesty…” Netsach means a bright object like a star that one travels toward, it is a shining goal, which has been achieved.)

There is no question that Cabalists view 28 as a very powerful number. Further, when we realize that 28 is also a combination of 7 (perfection) and 4 (also considered completeness or perfection), we can appreciate that 28 on a Magical calendar system is powerful. Accordingly, the Illuminati made note in their rituals in 1982, that 82 is the reversal of 28. According to some, the year long Feast of the Beast occurred in 1982, and the previous one occurred in ’53 or ’54. The next one is to occur in 2009 or 2010.

You will note that some very important changes in planning/operation occurred during the 53-54 time period. The first Bilderberg meeting began in 1954. This was the time when all the various factions of world power signed into a pact of cooperation. It was a secret turning point where a genuine One-World power came into being. The Priory of Sion, the secret order behind the Knights Templars, began to disseminate information about itself. The United States shifted from a military where conventional weapons were emphasized to organizing itself around nuclear weapons. The U.S. also pushed atomic energy worldwide with the “Atoms for Peace” program. A number of occultists had previously predicted this worldwide shift towards nuclear energy for both war and peace purposes. (Another energy projection was that money will become units of energy.)

At the Feast of the Beast, a beautiful bride is trained and presented to Satan, and she may well be a virgin. This ceremony is most likely held at a castle or palace, and is also likely to be held over in Europe for the principle ceremony. Lesser ceremonies may be held here in the states. Witnesses claim that Satan appears and interacts with his human leadership. He provides them with detailed instructions for what he wants done until the next Feast of the Beast. In other words, he provides the top Illuminati hierarchy with their future long-range plans. The actual Feast of the Beast is a yearlong ceremony.

However, there is also a small ceremony performed before the autumn equinox approximately around the 5th to the 7th of September, which is a Marriage to the Beast ceremony, that can also be called The Feast of the Beast. It is a microcosm of the large ceremony. Or perhaps one could call it an imitation.



  • Richard B. Cheney, Vice President of the United States
  • Donald H. Rumsfeld, U.S. Secretary of Defense
  • Colin L. Powell, U.S. Secretary of State
  • Alan Greenspan, Chairman, Federal Reserve Board of Governors
  • Kurt Campbell, Senior Vice President and Director , International Security Program, CSIS
  • Kenneth Dam, U.S. Deputy Secretary of the Treasury
  • Yoshimasa Hayashi, Member of the House of Councillors
  • Joichi Ito, President, CEO, Neoteny Co.
  • Bernard Lewis, Professor of Near Eastern Studies, Emeritus, Princeton University, Princeton, NJ
  • Ahmad Syafill Maarif, Chairman, Muhammadiyah Movement, Indonesia
  • Mario Monti, Director-General, World Trade Organization
  • Yoshiji Nogami, Former Vice Minister for Foreign Affairs, Japan
  • Yuang Ming, Director, Institute of international relations, Peking University


  • Michael O`Neil, North American Director, the Trilateral Commission
  • Paul Revay, European Director, The Trilateral Commission, Paris
  • Tadashi Yamamoto, President, Japan Center for International Exchange, Tokyo, Pacific Asian Director, the Trilateral Commission